Rainy Days

Although the gardens themselves have probably been happy about several rainy days this week, it sure has put a damper on all of our planned activities.

We started the week out by having to cancel and rescedule our big garden training event. It will now take place on May 19 at 6pm at the Southern Hills Church. We considered just moving it indoors but decided it was’t worth compromising the hands-on activities we had planned on in the garden.

At the Ward-Meade Garden Club meeting, we planned and announced a tour of our community gardens. It is scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, June 20. We will begin at 2pm at the HiCrest garden at SE 37th Street and Colfax, behind the church.

The raised bed construction was delayed at KNI this week due to the weather but we have determined it should be possible to begin gardening on Monday. We are very excited about the project and look forward to gardening with the KNI residents and Foster Grandparents.