Donating Garden Produce

Was your garden so productive that you can’t use all of what you have grown? Don’t let that good food go to waste! There are many food pantries and food assistance programs that would love to have it and will get it to low-income consumers who can use it.

Local Resources – Food Pantries and Assistance Agencies :

Map of Food Assistance Organizations in Shawnee County – K-State Research & Extension, Shawnee County

Food Safety Considerations:

Food Pantry Produce Donations – Grower Info – Iowa State University Research & Extension

Food Donation Liability in Kansas – Public Health Law Center

Fresh Produce Donation Guidelines for Gardeners – Michigan State University Research & Extension

National Resources:


Society of St. Andrew gleaning network

Top 13 vegetables to Donate to Food Pantries – University of Nebraska Extension

Donate Excess Produce to Food Banks and Food Pantries – Michigan State University Extension

Home Gardener’s Guide to Fresh Produce Donations – University of Arkansas Research & Extension