It Was a Beautiful Day for Garden Training

May 12 — Garden Training 101 at the Shawnee County Extension Master Gardener Vegetable Garden turned out to be a beautiful day! Our presenters were: Diana Hershberger, Topeka Common Ground, Inc. Board Member and Master Gardener-in-Training — Garden Safety and Tool Care; Bruce Lane & Dick Dickinson, Master Gardeners — Compost and Soil Amendment; Linda Croucher, President of Shawnee County Extension Master Gardeners — Planting and Transplanting; Gary Sims, Master Gardener — Fertilizing; Amy Mitts, Master Gardener-in-Training — Watering;  Stan Voth, Topeka Common Ground, Inc. Board Member, Mulching; Wayne Stander, Master Gardener — Weeding; Peggy Kaspar, Master Gardener — Pests: Good Bugs, Bad Bugs; Lisa Martin, Shawnee County Extension Food and Nutrition Agent — Garden to Plate: Food Safety in the Garden.

Our audience was very attentive and asked good questions.  There was discussion of joining a community garden near there.  Thank you, all, for your participation.